People with Bodies

by People with Bodies

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released December 1, 2016

People with Bodies is
Kent Irwin, Fil Corbitt and Mark Nesbitt.
All songs written and performed by Kent Irwin and Fil Corbitt.
All songs recorded and edited by People with Bodies.
All songs recorded in the presence of that plant we bring to shows.
Mixed and Mastered by Cameron Argon.
Bonus track Dirty Path mixed and mastered by TEA HAZE.
Bonus track Waning Gibbous mixed by Watson Meyer.
Landscape art by Tadeusz Deręgowski.



all rights reserved


Botanical Party Santiago, Chile

We`re a small independent record label based in Santiago de Chile releasing music we love.

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Track Name: A Mirror, A Storm
Well I know my mind’s a mess
but I’ll take a dive.
‘Cause you know ye must be blessed
just to be alive.
On the surface it looks clear
but underneath the mirror
you’ll find a storm.

Well you know I tried so hard.
I tried so fucking hard
to brandish my machete
and carve through the dark.
From the burning rays of day
to the howling in the night.
Those moments you were scared
taught you to fight.
On the surface it looks clear
but underneath the mirror
you’ll find a storm.//
Track Name: Invisible Hand
Invisible hand around the throat of my town
getting harder with every stroke - breaking ground
on a new walmart that the market demanded.

Woke up in a small town in the back of my car
Copy/paste from the last town. Man, it can’t be far
that we don’t know the difference between any place at all.

Could the market be wrong?
It doesn’t feed anything but itself.
Yeah, the market was wrong.

The parts of my city they say are cleaning up
are just strip malls with brighter stucco.
Another place you could prove your worth by spending.

Maybe growth and progress aren’t the same.
Invisible hand around the throat of my town.//
Track Name: Dirty Path
I asked some guy for his wallet / So I could pour his money out like a faucet / He cracked a joke and it led me to forget / Why I feel so greedy and full of regret / For all my choices / They lead me down a dirty path / my choices / stretched out thin like a giraffe / my decisions / are what make me pitiful / I'm living / but what if life ain't beautiful / I think I thought of something wait I just forgot / I fry my brain with anything that's hot / picture the look of satisfaction on my face / when I get away scot free without a trace / I feel alive, I feel alive. I feel alive / I don't want to make you sad / But what do you expect of me / I don't want to know / What you even think of me / So why don't you become / my greatest enemy / I hope to die with all my pride/ cause that's all that's left of me / Where were you on Sunday / When I was on my tirade/ I will become the seventh son of the setting sun.
Track Name: Grocery Store
Please have your backpack ready to go
‘cause I’m standing in the doorway but not much longer.
See me off ‘cause I’m going to Ireland’s shores
to stand on the rocks while the wind is blowing.

Then I’ll reach out
and do a nose dive.
I’ll wait for the sea
to show me it’s alive.

Take a run, dear son, to the grocery store
and make sure to brush your hair - the wind’s torrential.
It is prudent to bear yourself as an average man
or else everyone will think that you’ve gone mental.//
Track Name: Waning Gibbous
I'm coming home again / I wan't everyone to know I've been alive. / Gonna send you a post-postcard, / backdated and marked like I sent it right on time. / It's a picture of me in Kansas / far away from the sea, and still I can see for miles. / I've got nothing to show, but these tired eyes. / My banjo bag ripped a hole worn in my knee. / And the moon - it's a Waning Gibbous. / Nobody blames that phase for their brain acting up. /And the tide, it's somewhere in the middle. / Not high enough to drown. / I'm moving slow. I feel like kneeling
/ at the curve of this road, I'm nowhere near another. / I'm moving slow. I feel like kneeling / Ain't a devil around to bargain with anyway.